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About Me

Sumarliði Einar Daðason

General Info


Freelance in graphic design, drawing and programming
Since 1997 to present (mostly B2B, many thousands projects)
Photo Editor, printer, scanner - Pedromyndir (Kodak Express)
1993 - 1997
Bartender, waiter - Sjallinn
1990 - 1993
Various summer jobs while in college
Before 1990 (shipyard, fish processing, baker, warehouse assistant, etc.)

Education / Skills

Premed in business and economics - VMA
1989 - 1993
Private pilot - Flugskóli Akureyrar
1997-1998 (I have not maintained the training ...yet!)
I have always been drawing since I was a child. Around 10 years old I started programming too. After that, I have constantly been learning in those both fields and I’m still learning each day.
I’m advanced in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Flash, Painter, CorelDraw, Freehand, InDesign, After Effects and others alike. I know Windows and DOS systems like my palm. I can easily work on Mac and Linux. I always assemble my own desktop computers. I have good experience in common programs like Word, Excel, etc.
HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL are like part of my soul. I’m experienced in designing databases, web pages and programs (I created my own CMS, named SMALI, and various programs for companies).
My driver license is B, C 74, BE and CE 76 (since 1990).
I speak, read and write English and Icelandic well.

My Résumé in PDF